Give your drivers the credit they deserve. Nominate them for a Microlise Driver of the Year Award.

The Microlise Driver of the Year Awards will highlight the most talented HGV drivers working in the UK transport industry and acknowledge the vital work they do.

With categories based on telematics data, and categories based on nominations, the Microlise Driver of the Year Awards are open to all drivers and are a perfect way to reward outstanding performance and contributions to industry.

Awards are presented at an exclusive black-tie evening event, held the day before the Microlise Transport Conference – now Europe’s largest road transport conference – where winners are always showcased in front of 1,200 attendees.


We will again include four awards based purely on driver performance. There’s no need to submit an entry for the Short, Medium, Long and Driver Excellence Awards, as these are defined by analysing the anonymised data of 210,000+ drivers.

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There are five categories that allow transport operators to put forward their best drivers for an award, these awards will be based purely on the information provided.

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reasons why you should enter

Gain recognition for Excellence

Reward drivers for their performance

It's quick and easy to enter with no charge

The winner collects their trophy in front of 1,200 industry delegates.

These are the biggest and best awards for drivers in the road transport industry.

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The Microlise Driver of the Year Awards aim to recognise the UK’s most talented HGV drivers – acknowledging the vital work they do and the professionalism with which they carry out their work. The awards were developed in cooperation with the vital support of The University of Nottingham, with a team at the Advanced Data Analytics Centre providing impartial analysis of telematics data. A judging panel also support the awards, reviewing entries to produce a shortlist and final winner across each award category.

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The awards fall into two groups:

Awards based purely on telematics data:

  • Short Distance
  • Medium Distance
  • Long Distance
  • Driver Excellence

Awards requiring nomination:

  • Young Driver of the Year
  • Most Improved Driver of the Year
  • Extra Mile
  • HGV Hero
  • Lifetime Achievement

The Microlise Driver of the Year awards (Short/Medium/Long Distance and Driver Excellence) are based solely on telematics data and nominations cannot be accepted.

Data from qualifying drivers is anonymised before any analysis is carried out. Following the data analysis, companies represented by shortlisted drivers are contacted to confirm agreement to be included and are asked to complete a short form to supply additional information. The final stage involves all remaining entries – with all information anonymised once again – reviewed by our judging panel.

For the Young Driver of the Year, Most Improved Driver of the Year, HGV Hero, Lifetime Achievement and Extra Mile categories, transport managers must nominate their drivers and complete a nomination form.

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Winners will be chosen either through the analysis of telematics data and manager feedback or the information provided by the nominating manager.

Our judging panel will select drivers making the final shortlists and then the final winners. All data and information will be anonymous, with all references to the driver name and company removed.